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Float switches
Floats are actuated by a float which swims on the surface of the pumping medium, as the level rises the device is triggered by a contactor closing. Floats can be different weights and sizes for different environments as they will need their own weight and buoyancy to lift through the sewage and activate the pum
ps to lower the level.

There are various methods of switch gear. We install Conventional floats, probes and ultrasonic methods which are all used for automatic pump control. Contact us at engineers@privatedrainge.com or 0845 850 892 for more information..

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Level sensors and probes measure the level of the pumping medium via conductivity probes.

This method works by reliable non-contacting ultrasonic level, volume, open channel flow measurement and pump control. Ultrasonic benefits from Pulsar’s advanced echo processing software, for reliable level measurement and warning management.



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