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We Provide Services For Septic Tanks, Sewage Pumps, Sewage Treatment Plants, Drainage Inspections, CCTV Surveys, Sewer Connections, High Pressure Water Jetting, Emergency Flood Response, Drain Repairs,  Maintenance, Excavation Services, Confined Spaces, Alarmed System Monitoring And Liquid Waste Removal Across Suffolk And The South East.

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Suffolk Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Control Panels

Sewage pump control systems are designed to automatically start and stop pump motors in order to remove liquid accumulated in a wet well or sewage lift station.

Automatic level control is provided by start and stop float switches.

Automatic alternation is provided on duplex and triplex sewage pump control.
Control methods can be conventional floats, probes and ultrasonic.

Control panels can also be fitted with GSM telemetry units to monitor via a mobile phone network.

System healthy, pumps tripped, and high-level warnings can be monitored directly by our engineers. Therefor reducing the risk of damage to the pump motors and reducing risk of flooding.

If you’re experience faults, errors with an existing control panel or require the installation of a new or replacement of an old control panel, our Private Drainage engineers are fully equipped to deal with a wide variety of systems and setups.

Pump Testing

Pumps and their corresponding electrical control systems can sometimes fail or malfunction due to age, poor maintenance, bad installations or environmental factors.

A faulty control system can lead to faults further down the line in the sewage treatment system causing repair costs to mount up.

Our experts are fully trained to test, repair and replace pump control systems and their corresponding parts.

Contact our Pump experts today for a quote or to book an appointment.


Control Panel Faults

When to call in the experts

If your system has stopped pumping, will not stop pumping, or has started producing an alarm sound, your control panel may be showing signs of a fault. This could be a fault within the control panel or further up the system.

What to do?

Our engineers are fully trained and qualified to identify the source of the fault and if necessary carry out any repairs required on the control panel itself. Call our experts for a free quote or to book a visit today.

Exceptional Expertise

Best Services Provider

We are a family run business with over 30 years experience in the drainage industry.

Private Drainage are accredited installers of some of the industries leading sewage treatment products. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide affordable drainage services to domestic and commercial clients.

All of our installations are carried out in line with building regulation and British Water criteria.

Private Drainage routinely work with local councils and the environment agency to ensure the correct compliance and consent for our projects.

At Private Drainage we pride ourselves on our ability to work in hostile environments. In many instances these environments we operate in require specialist training that we routinely receive. 

This includes confined space training, confined space rescue training, new roads and street works, CPC road haulage, deep excavation, health and safety, first aid, high pressure water jetting and CSCS.

Our work is carried out to the highest standards while providing affordable solutions to all drainage related problems.

Health and safety is our priority which is why our specialists regularly attend training courses to ensure they and the work they carry out is reliable and safe for all parties.

The Private Drainage team are fully equipped with the latest technology to deal with all types of drainage issues, ranging from combination vacuum tankers, Wincan CCTV reporting software, crawler CCTV camera units and no dig technology.

This allows us to carry out our job with minimum imposition and to the highest efficiency, enabling us to solve any drainage related problem with minimal impact and disruption to the client.

You can rest assured that you are in safe hands with the Private Drainage team.

More Services

Our Suffolk Private Drainage specialists are fully trained and equipped to deal with all aspects of sewage, septic and waste management systems and their components. We also provide the following services:

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